Event Review

  • Korea-Japan Public Diplomacy Symposium Held in Fukuoka

  • 2016 KF International Night

  • 2016 Korean Studies Reception

  • Interview

    Interview with Wang Dan, Head of the Department of Korean Language and Culture at Peking University

    In this month’s edition, the KF Beijing office spoke with Wang Dan, head of the Department of Korean Language and Culture at Peking University, who has bridged Korea and China through courses...

  • Feature

    Home-Cooked Eats:
    Humble but Delicious, Simple but Filling

    It would not be an exaggeration to say that the most frequently used word in Korean mass media these days is “home-cooked.” Television screens nationwide were once filled with scenes of celebrities...

KF Mailbox

  • KF Korean-Language Education Internship

    Park Seonjeong

    I’m on the outskirts of San Jose, the nation’s capital, where the weather is a steady 25 degrees, with warm and clear skies. After the university’s spring semester commenced on March 7, there...

  • KF Library Internship

    Yoo Jiyoon

    The USC Korean Heritage Library was founded in 1986 to provide an archive for Korean Studies research. Korea-related texts constitute over 50 percent of the university’s East Asian Library, giving...


  • Yangpyeong Borigogae Village

    KFVN Reporter Choi Jinwoo

    On the last Saturday of March, a warm spring day, the Korean Culture Class Team made its way to Yangpyeong Borigogae Village. Close to nature and rustic life, 29 international participants...

  • Encountering the World in Korea

    KFVN Reporter Kim Byungsub

    As the early spring of March continued to bring warmth, the World Activity Class continued with its Meeting the World in Korea program. This time around, volunteer instructors from the...