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  • Education and Publicity Team Workshop on Jeju-do

Education and Publicity Team Workshop on Jeju-do

On February 19–21, the KFVN Education and Publicity Team attended a workshop on Jeju-do. The weather forecast predicted rain and snow, but we were blessed with sunshine and sandy beaches! The team gladly embraced the wonderful scenes of clear skies and blue seas. When the lush evening set in, the team members looked back on their recent efforts, in addition to discussing this year’s events and newsletter reporting schedule. Considering various perspectives with an open mind, the Education and Publicity Team planned a training workshop for June 11 based on the opinions of former workshop participants, and we kindly request that all interested parties apply. After touring Jeju-do’s foodie spots and mountains, and walking along its evening beaches with a sense of self-reflection, the team has returned for another fruitful year. Let’s go, KFVN!

KFVN Reporter Park Ye-lim