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Interview by Guest Reporter of KFVN Culture Class

KFVN Guest Reporter (KFVN): Hello, my name is Jo Hyeonghyun, of the Korean Culture Class Team. Thank you for taking part in this event. Would you please introduce yourself?
Kovács Ramóna: Hello, my name is Kovács Ramóna (Ramóna), and I’m from Hungary. I received my masters in Korean Studies back in Hungary, and received a scholarship to study here in Korea. This is my third time visiting Korea, after I received an opportunity to study at Sogang University’s Korean Language Education Center for six months.

KFVN: I understand that this is your third time participating in a Korean Culture Class event. Why did you decide to participate and work with Korean children?
Ramóna: I’ve always liked kids. I would often babysit my friends’ children back in Hungary. Kids are lively, curious, and pure, so they occasionally provide adults with encouragement. When I heard about the opportunity to work with Korean children, I didn’t want to miss out on it..

KFVN: What did you enjoy most about the event, and what did you find lacking?
Ramóna: I had so much fun with one kid—time just flew by. We made banana cake and palace-style tteokbokki together, and she had a talent for cooking. I also had a good time teaching a few things about Hungary. On the other hand, I don’t know if I’ll ever see her again, so that’s somewhat upsetting.

KFVN: I heard that you’re returning to Hungary next week. Is there anything you want to do with the Korean Culture Class the next time you visit Korea?
Ramóna: Next time, I want to attend an intangible cultural heritage festival. I also want to meet other members of the Korean Culture Class Team. I’ll never forget the team for offering so much fun and [so many] interestin teer.

KFVN Guest Reporter Jo Hyeong-hyun