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  • Exhibition to Celebrate the Foundation’s 25th Anniversary‘Encounter the World through Children’s Books’
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Exhibition to Celebrate the Foundation’s 25th Anniversary
‘Encounter the World through Children’s Books’

In cooperation with 39 foreign embassies in Korea, the KF presents its second exhibition to commemorate the 25th anniversary, Encounter the World through Children’s Books (April 27–June 8). As an opportunity to explore the beloved stories of 46 countries, the exhibition will allow visitors to encounter the diverse cultural and societal characteristics of the world’s peoples through children’s books. The exhibition will display more than 400 children’s books, including several winners of the Bologna Ragazzi Award, which is often said to be the Nobel prize for children’s literature, such as The War that Changed Rondo (Ukraine) and Tap, Tap, Tap (Iran). Also featured will be When Findus Was Little and Disappeared (Sweden), the Moomin series (Finland), and I Want My Hat Back (Canada). Children will also have a chance to read, listen to, and dictate passages from The Little Prince in 11 languages, as a learning experience to discover the similarities and differences of world cultures.